Finding True North Using SEO
Analytics as a Compass

search engine optimization. analytic reports and traffoc analysis

Ancient navigators heading across the sea for a certain destination would never leave port without a pilot’s compass and navigation sextant tools to measure far distances and the stars.

Likewise, if you’re starting on an SEO Campaign, it would be foolhardy to navigate the treacherous waters of internet marketing and search engine optimization without knowing where you are and where you need to be heading. Analytical reports are what we would like to call a roadmap to determine key areas that need work to produce the best results or outcome. If you want to put your business on the roadmap and page rank, analytics and reports are like the compass and navigation tools.

Kanoe’lani Digital provides in-depth SEO Analytical Reports that will show you exactly where you are before you head out to initiate an SEO campaign. It will also tell you exactly what areas need optimizing so that we a zero in to correct any problems on your website. Our customized reports will show you metrics to measure your success while we help you grow and manage your website.

Our reports will do a deep and thorough analysis including website traffic, and to help develop a systemic process to capitalize on improving your seo scores. It shows your top level keywords, social media, and referral traffic, including how many organic searches are coming from your visitors to your website.

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