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Kanoe’lani Digital uses a term in the internet industry called “WhiteHat” SEO. The term White Hat essentially means that how we utilize search engine optimization and other services that we deliver to our clients are honest, trustworthy and employ the highest ethical standards of integrity and customer service.
Customers are valuable to us, and we treat that relationship built on ethical industry standards that do not compromise their reputation and the trust they’ve given us.
Gary Crowell, Pres. / CEO

OUR 7-Step White-Hat SEO Process

This is not an exhaustive list but our customers guide to our six main steps to white-hat SEO. Since Search Engine Optimization or SEO has been evolving over the last 10+ years, there have been tremendous challenges in the past 2-3 years due to Google’s Hummingbird, Panda and Penguin analytical metrics, which has severely penalized websites using 100s and 1000s of non-relevant, spammy links and other blackhat shortcuts to produce non-organic (unnatural or manipulated), heavy social traffic linking called dripping – which tries to trick Google into believing you’re getting legitimate social traffic from various sites. This is a bad practice. Google will eventually find and heavily penalize your site.

Kanoe’lani Digital is not interested in gaming the short term with quick rich schemes that will ultimately hurt our clients. We have a long-term vision that employs white hat, search engine optimization and proven processes will gain organic traffic that is tried and true and gets away from black hat tricks that will eventually penalize your site’s ranking factor.

#1 Finding Quality Focused Keywords

The initial step in our process is finding quality focused keywords and keywords that your competitors are using to rank well in Google. We do a thorough keyword analysis and accumulate rich metadata to help you strategize with more options and a list of potential keywords that you can use in positioning your business more effectively in search ranking.

#2 Keyword Anchor Text

When we compile a list of important keywords, we will prioritize them according to your goals and objectives, and assign keywords to specific pages on your website. Once we’ve done that, we will expand and find other pages to rank during the entire campaign. Next, we will actively pursue on-page and on-site optimization aspects throughout the entire website, that will expedite the process of ranking your pages and website quickly and effectively.

Remember this rule, there is a difference between a campaign and a series of battles. Campaigns are won by a series of many short and long battles, but the ultimate focus is to win that campaign! Therefore, SEO is a process which takes time, depending on many factors such as the quality and veracity of your competitors.

#3 Web Code Optimization

Due to the proliferation of HTML, CSS, Java Script (JS) not including thousands of design themes, plugins, scripting, PHP, GitHub, etc., it is practically impossible to find a website that does not have broken codes and coding errors. These broken codes may impede Google’s spiders from indexing your site that may cost your business ranking metrics in the final analysis of who ranks where and your page ranking!

Web sites with broken codes have to be cleaned up to ensure nothing is broken or obscuring your site from preventing Google’s web bots from properly indexing and tagging your site. Web Code Optimization is a vital aspect of our process and one of our core specialties. Therefore, it presents your site with the optimum chances of ranking better.

This includes optimizing your page titles, meta descriptions, and meta tags and keywords so that the search engines can find and tag your site. We make sure all links are followed, and the backend is set up nicely for indexing. We will populate your Schema.org protocols, iframes, videos, images, sitemaps, robots, etc. and abides with the good housing keeping practices with the Google Webmasters Guidelines.


#4 Digital Content Marketing

At Kanoe’lani Digital we will provide quality links, steady organic traffic (not black-hat), including social network links with quality graphics that will stream incoming traffic with high-quality content. We believe in delivering high-quality content, not copied or plagiarized content, but one that is uniquely suited for your business, with royalty-free, high impact photo images to optimize your website.

*Link: Read Google Hummingbird Article here

#5 Content Optimization

Content optimization is not only critical to the process, it is what sets your business apart from keyword and anchor texts, backlinking and assigning these into the page copy. This is the digital signals for search engines to rank your website for specific keywords or near semantic terms, including H1-H2 tags, but to position your website to achieve a higher level of “Domain Authority” and “Trust Flow” certification.

#6 On-Page Internal Link Optimization

With on-page internal link optimization, we will provide a strong internal linking structure that provides the best strategy for search engines to index your site. We can help provide the best internal architectural linking process to maximize higher ranking metrics where each link points to another keyword and anchor text, where only a few SEO companies are able to do this.

#7 Advanced Optimization & External Linking Strategies

Once we have accomplished the above parameters, we are ready to initiate advanced optimization and external linking strategies. We will advise your company to implement more external link building strategies that will boost page ranking metrics along various stages of the digital marketing campaign.

Let’s Summarize the 7-Step SEO Process

Search Engine Optimization, Coding, Web Design and Page Optimization are the core engine of our SEO Digital company. We have extensively studied a number of the best authorities on SEO and have avoided many of the short-term pitfalls that have penalized clients. We do organic SEO correctly while researching for new ideas and strategies that will help maximize our clients to the best ranking terms and ultimately to the highest ranking pages.

I hope this article has been helpful in your understanding of SEO. If you’re interested in contacting our digital firm for more information, or would like a free consultation, we are here to help you move to the next level of success!

Ahui Hou and Aloha,

Gary H. Crowell
CEO & President
Kanoe’lani Digital | SEO O’ahu Hawai’i

Excerpt: Kanoe’lani Digital uses a term in the internet marketplace called “White Hat” SEO. That means the services we use to deliver for our clients are ethical and the highest industry standards than the opposite, “Black Hat”. Black Hat SEO does not employ industry standard protocols, they use tactical means of ranking your page site in the fastest but unconventional means, such as using hundreds or thousands of spammy links from dead or outdated PBN’s or Public Blog Networks and automated social networks to trick Google into thinking there are lots of traffic going to your website.