Installing Https Free & Easily


For a long time Google has been evangelizing about using https on the internet, in order to do that, they do it through the most efficient way they know, THE FEAR!

A huge percentage of online businesses today depend on Google. If they lose visibility on the SERPs from Google, the business go into bankruptcy. And this dependence gives Google a dominant position and power that allow them to dictate how certain things should be.

I’m not saying what they do is wrong, I think that apart from defending their own economic interests, as any other company, they are also concerned for innovation and satisfaction of their users, which involves privacy and security since in recent years the privacy of user’s data is a booming debate.

That being said, without knowing how many decisions they do for the sake of their users and how many are for their own benefit, they have been instructing and persuading the development and marketing teams for a year to have their secured web pages through the HTTPS protocol, announcing that they will be giving preference in showing results in the searcher to secured sites on HTTPS little by little.
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