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Search Engine Optimization | Defined

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the systematic process of electronically indexing published meta-data that affects the visibility of a web page or website and to be found in Google’s organic search results. There’s certainly other major Search Engine (SE) companies including Bing, Yahoo!, Alexa, Ask, AOL, etc. but none of them can even come close to the Alpha Dog of SE!

Since Google dominates the lion’s share of the SE marketplace, they are considered the defacto standard and the industry’s leading authority on search engine optimization. Therefore, in order to effectively process and maximize page ranking on websites, it would make sense to adhere as much as possible to Google’s webmaster’s policy and or recommendations of how to leverage page and web optimization.

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Multicolor Concept – Analyzing Website Ranking – Getting on Google’s Alpha-Listing White Wall of Fame

Organic Versus Non-Organic Search

One area called the “Organic” search results are non-paid Ads that automatically appear when you search for a product using a generic keyword term such as “tennis shoes” or more specifically “Adidas men’s tennis shoes”. The search results appear at the top of the page ranking where it lists a number of sites in order and in accordance to algorithm metrics. Depending on how competitive the keywords are and how authoritative and properly coded with meta-data, search results will return ten of the most popular articles and sites(non-paid Ads), listing them in order of ranking authority and relevancy, as it extends sequentially to numerous other pages.

Organic Keyword Search Term Sample for tennis shoes

Are You On The Top Ten A-Team List?

It is here on this top ten search results that display the top articles and companies in order of organic keyword ranking. This is where the organic search results occur as opposed to non-organic listings where merchants have “Paid Ads” that either is located at the very top of the page, or on the right-hand side of the page. Paid Ads have a logo marked “AD” that are tagged to each merchant. The costs associated with paid Ads vary and may start at less than a dollar (per click) up to several dollars, depending on the bidding process and how much merchants are willing to pay for each Ad clicked. Google monetizes Ad revenue depending on the amount that people click on them. Ads are what scares most merchants since the total amount of clicks can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars per day.

Why It’s Important to be on Google’s
First Page

Unless you have a sizeable budget for click-ad advertising, most companies and business prefer to be listed without paying for ad space. But getting on the first page is not easy as most people think. Unless you are an expert SEO, have the ability to use and master metric tools and have a background in technical coding skills and SEO knowledge, that would certainly be an impossible task for most people.

Benefits of Being on the A-Team of Listing

However, there are tremendous advantages to be listed on the absolute “first page’ of Google. If you cannot afford a full-time sales staff, or have a large advertising budget or employ a marketing person, but want “Leads Lead Leads” and if you want consumers to buy your products and services, this is where a marketing bonanza is to be made. It is not enough to have the best-looking landing page or website where you’ve paid $2,500-7,500+ (on average) to be listed on Page-3 or Page-10 because no one will ever visit you!

If you’ve done any kind of search queries, most people tend to view only the first page and leave. Some rarely view the second page or third and so on on most keyword searches. That is a fact due to the busyness of life, and where we want results quickly and instantaneously. Now imagine, if you used your mobile iPhone or Droid, to search for something and notice the diminishing returns of keyword searching? Bam!

Numbers Don’t Like to Fib

And if you’re still sitting on the fence, here are some vital statistics from Google Analytics of why it is crucial to have your web appear on “Page One” of keyword searches. If you are fortunate to be listed on Page One, and your site ranks at the top in the #1 place, as I’d like to say the “pole position” the odds are you would have access to thirty-two percent (32%) of the traffic of people who will click on your site over the other nine!

The statistics rapidly changes with the 2nd listing, with only 17% of people are most likely to click your site. At 3rd place, only 12% and so it goes down the line.

Ready to Start Ranking on the SEO Alpha-Team?

It will take lots of hard work, but it will be totally worth it. Here’s a little bit of humor. If your website is located on Page-Two of Google, as my ethnic Chinese mother-in-law exclaims in utter disdain, “Ai-Yah!” which essentially means her sardonic tone translated into broken English exclaims, “This No good!”

Nonetheless, if you’re on Page Two or so forth it figuratively means, “Oops! Sorry, the Game’s Over!” as the metrics statistically diminishes and decreases rapidly and exponentially in power.

A Review of the Statistics of People Viewing Sites:

The First listing position gets = 32% market share
Second listing gets: 17%
The Third listing gets: 12%
From the Second Page and on – Yep, it’s game over!

But the good news is that by partnering with Kanoe’lani Digital, the Hawai’i SEO Experts, we can move the bar much higher with targeted strategies that we outlined in our recent article: Search Engine Optimization.

What Are the Benefits of Good SEO?

The benefits of properly configured, excellent SEO means a steady and potentially continuous stream of internet traffic, including new leads and the potential to convert those leads into sales and cash flow! Isn’t this enough motivation to get started? I sincerely believe so!

Therefore, if you’re a betting person it makes perfect sense that SEO should be an integral aspect of online internet marketing strategy.

Concept search engine optimization. Analytic and analysis
Concept search engine optimization. Analytic and analysis

The Background: How SEs Work

Major Search Engines are motivated to help you use and search for the best possible keywords – that’s how they make money! It is in their best interest to deliver and get the best and most relevant search results.

In 1996, two Stanford colleagues, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, began working on specific citations with authoritative properties. Their concept began known as “PageRank” to find the best ranking algorithms for research papers on the internet. From there, Google exploded as well as their stock shares when they turned their focus into the business marketplace.

Is It Good to be the Numero Uno of SEO?

Google’s market share became so enormous, as they developed the matrix and algorithms of relevant search terms added to the authority of that site. Hence, the larger the circle of influence and interest in a particular site, the greater hierarchal importance and authority that site has in the equation. Google commands at best, more than two-thirds of the Search Engine business. That means it has a 2/3 larger footprint in total market share aside from the major SEs.

The reason why they’re good at what they do is because their Spiders crawl the internet to assess the codes, tags, meta-data and stores all the information, social signals, backlinks, etc., and is able to extrapolate raw data into a cohesive matrix and analytical information.

The Algorithm is Key to Cracking Google

Therefore, the highly sophisticated analytics are based on their proprietary AI (Artificial Intelligence) which has been significantly upgraded and evolved into an analytical and algorithmic progress where we can help you in SEO Hawaii today.

What Really Is Google’s Formula???

So here’s the bottom line. Kanoe’lani Digital understands that Google rewards high-quality websites, with compelling, relevant and dynamic content that is proactively managed so that people will stay to read, or view, and keeping coming back over and over again and are sharing the info on their social networks, and to other quality sites to utilize, share and backlink to your that site which will boost its authority and page rank.

Mahalo & Aloha,

Gary Crowell, Pres./CEO
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