Hackers Gain Access to WP Sites

Hackers Gain Access to WP Sites Excerpt: Of the 1,032 survey respondents who answered this question, 61.5% didn’t know how the Attacker compromised their website. That is a not a huge surprise given that the large majority of respondents cleaned their sites themselves, but it is troubling. It is impossible to be confident that you have cleaned your site completely or that the vulnerability doesn’t still exist without knowing how the site was compromised in the first place. For the site owners who did figure out how the attackers entered, see chart above. Source: The rest of the article can

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Installing HTTPS Free & Easily

Installing Https Free & Easily For a long time Google has been evangelizing about using https on the internet, in order to do that, they do it through the most efficient way they know, THE FEAR! A huge percentage of online businesses today depend on Google. If they lose visibility on the SERPs from Google, the business go into bankruptcy. And this dependence gives Google a dominant position and power that allow them to dictate how certain things should be. I’m not saying what they do is wrong, I think that apart from defending their own economic interests, as any

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Takedown Copyright Infringements

Google is Seeing a Huge Surge in Copyright Takedown Requests Excerpt: In the last week, copyright holders have submitted more than 21 million requests, an all-time record, and up almost 3x from the same time last year, as this chart from Statista based on information from Google shows. These requests mostly come about when a site blatantly copies or steals content from another site, and the original copyright owner asks Google to remove links to the offending site. Source: Matt Rosoff, More information on this article here: Business Insider article Link to this post!