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Color Theory for Web Design

How to Choose the Perfect Colors for Your Designs   Colors are all around us. Think about it. The bright blue in a clear morning sky makes us feel alive and free; the deep purples and reds in the flowers that bloom in Spring evoke emotions of warmth, life and energy; the pitch black sky at night, arouses thoughts of mystery and seduction.Whether conscious of it or not, colors evoke a whole range of emotions in us that many times lead us to either enjoy a certain setting, feel drawn to a particular product or even reject a specific idea.

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Refresh Your Website in 2016

3-Ways to Refresh Your Website in 2016   The new year is a great time to hit refresh and set new goals. If your website looks and feels a little stale, now is the time to make a change! Here are three quick ways to freshen up your personal or business website: Take Inventory Is your content still accurate? Do you need to update your photos? Are the important links working? Take a step back to think about your site’s purpose and audience. Have your personal or business goals changed since you launched it? Make a list of what needs to be fixed

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Security Flaw On WP v4.2

Security Flaw Appears on WordPress Sites   Ars Technica reports that the discovery was made by Finland-based security research firm Klikki Oy. The exploit is present in the latest version of WordPress (4.2) and there is currently no patch available. Known as a cross-site scripting (XSS) bug, the issue is similar to one found last November by security researcher Cedric Van Bockhaven and is centred around the WordPress comments system.To leverage the potential of the bug, all an attacker has to do is paste some malicious JavaScript code into the comments section on a page on any WordPress blog. The

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